Friday, August 31, 2007

Every Day is Different But Nothing Ever Changes

22" x 30" oil and acrylic on illustration board (unframed)
$19.95 (free shipping in US)
I came up with the title for this one a while back. Just kind of a state of being my life has been going through lately. This one started out with coating the illustration board with several coats of gesso and acrylic gloss medium. After that was dry, watercolor passages were applied (some can still be seen under all the top lyers of paint). Acrylic was applied for the majority of the piece, then a few highlights and textures of oils were put on here and there. I think it's done, although I may tweak it over the weekend.Posted by Picasa


daviddrawsandpaints said...

This is absolutely fascinating to me. I like very much the abstract qualities, the colours and the shapes.

David said...

Thanks for your nice words. I enjoyed doing this one. My kids don't like it. Guess I need to start paying them more!!