Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Behind the New WalMart (3-Steps)

I decided to post a little demo of developing a painting using a value plan. This picture is an acrylic block-in based on a three-level value sketch done on site. It shows a construction area behind a new shopping center. Lots of dirt piles and debris scattered around, with a truck ready to haul off some junk. The block-in is very simple - just black, white, and a mid-gray. Even being this simple, you can make out the large shapes and get a sense of what we're going after. No detail is needed, or desired at this stage.

Stage two is a posterized blocking of value and approximate local color of the scene. Again, the aim here is no detail, just blocking in the big shapes with value. I'm looking for the painting to "read" correctly here. It looks flat, but that's OK at this stage.

Stage three - Finalizing things.
Now that the value plan is established, it is now just a matter of mixing color and matching color to value shapes. I can be as creative as I wish at this point, as long as I hold to the values I mapped out in stages one and two. I hope this kind of shows you the way a painting can be planned and developed. Total time (including letting each stage dry) about 3 hours start to finish.Posted by Picasa

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