Saturday, March 31, 2007

Work Parking Lot

6" x 8" watercolor on 140lb Arches
This is a small plein air study of the stairway leading to the parking garage at my work. I tried to capture the late afternoon sun streaming in and forming the nice shadow shapes. This is what makes a watercolor have interest.Posted by Picasa

Rush Hour

11" x 14" oil on museum board (unframed)
$19.95 (free shipping)
My Van Gogh-like rendition of a rush hour scene into Dallas.Posted by Picasa

East River by Moonlight

11" x 14" oil on museum board (unframed)
$19.95 (free shipping)
Mood was the main theme here. I wanted to try to capture the misty night scene of a city lit by moonlight.Posted by Picasa

Home from Work

12" x 12" oil on masonite (unframed)
$19.95 (free shipping)
Walking home in the late afternoon sun after a hard day's work.Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 30, 2007

Tribute to Frankenthaler

2' x 4' watercolor on unprimed canvas
This was done as an experiment. I was reading up on the wonderful abstract painter Helen Frankenthaler and her color field paintings. Helen was the originator of staining unprimed canvas with oil paint, and later on acrylics. Quite a radical approach in the 1950s. Her work is absolutely stunning, and I encourage you to look at her works via the web, or in books.
Anyway, I tacked unprimed canvas to an old closet door and applied transparent watercolor washes. This scene developed. It's my tribute to the masterful Helen F.Posted by Picasa

California Fruit Stand

9" x 12" watercolor on 140lb. Arches
This is a painting of a small fruit stand in California. Done from my fruitful imagination! Posted by Picasa

Pinnacle Peak

12" x 16" oil on masonite (unframed)
$19.95 (free shipping)
Here is a scene done at a Charles Sovek workshop in Arizona. The location is a pretty outdoor shopping center in Pinnacle Peak, just north of Scottsdale. It was mid-April, but the day was already over 100 degrees. I did this standing in the shade of a store covering. When working plein air, I use pure turpentine and stand oil as a medium. Can't resist the smell of turpentine!Posted by Picasa

Warm Thoughts

11" x 14" oil on canvas
This was done as a gift for a birthday present. It shows a little cat playing with a ball of yarn cozying up by a warm fire.
In the collection of Mrs. Charles Dennis.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hills Galore

12" x 9" oil on canvas paper (unframed)
$19.95 (free shipping)
This is a pastel-like painting using the palette knife. This one is based on a photo I took while travelling to the Eastern US. I liked the way the various planes showed up in this piece.Posted by Picasa

Inlet View

9" x 12" watercolor on 140lb. Arches (unframed)
Here is one from my imagination. It shows a colorful tropical scene looking down into a water inlet. I liked the way the big pink flower (lower right) showed up.Posted by Picasa

Cityscape #1

12" x 9" oil on masonite (unframed)
19.95 (free shipping)
This is a cityscape based on a magazine photo. I love cityscapes and like the way the buildings overlap each other. In the foreground is some water and boats. One of my favorite things to do is paint using the palette knife. Over the years, I've collected a nice variety of knives. I enjoy the way colors go on pure. Of course, you can make the paint as textured or as smooth as you wish. And, clean up is a snap - just a quick swipe on a towel and you're done! Give the knife a try, I think you'll like it.Posted by Picasa

Apple, CD, and Bottle

16" x 20" oil on gessoed plywood
(not for sale)
This was a still life scene set up with an empty champaign bottle, CD, and a Granny Smith apple. The bottle had a rick, dark green color and the different colors reflected nicely on the CD. Another lousy photo - sorry. I need to take another shot of this one, too. If someone really wants to buy this one, just ask. My arm can be twisted!!Posted by Picasa

Still Life with Candle

11" x 15" watercolor on 140lb. Arches (unframed)

$25.00 (free shipping)

This is an older work, done wet-in-wet style. For some reason, I like painting still life scenes with candles in them. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Boats at Dawn

12" x 12" oil on masonite (unframed)
$150 (shipping free)
This is a plein air work done at a lake near my home. It is a bird's-eye view of some docked row boats. The sun was rising on a beautiful summer morning. The colors really worked in this one, and I am happy with the way this turned out.Posted by Picasa


11" x 15" watercolor on 140lb. Arches (unframed)
Here is a plein air watercolor painting showing a grove of trees. It's always exciting doing watercolors outdoors because you must work quickly before washes have a chance to dry. I enjoy working wet-on-wet outdoors, as the colors get a time to mingle and mix on their own.
Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


5" x 7" Oil on canvas panel
$19.95 (free shipping)
This is a backlit view of a building in the early morning sun. Done around 8:30 a.m.Posted by Picasa

Spring (Morning)

5" x 7" oil on canvas panel
$19.95 (shipping free)
This is a colorful imaginary piece. I like studying greens and enjoy mixing them myself. Tube greens always look too rough, you know?Posted by Picasa

China Tea Pot

5 x 7 acrylic on canvas panel
This was an experimental piece to practice using acrylics. I enjoy doing still life work and this was calling me to put paint to canvas. The piece looks better in person, but I do need more practice with acrylics.Posted by Picasa